Friday, August 7, 2015

“Hey everyone, did you hear: The Darkside of the Medallion has been re-written and is up on Amazon KDP Select. There is romance—”
“Wait a minute, romance! We had this discussion several years ago and you said no romance, period; it slows down the story. Let me look at my notes; yes here it is on page 756,453.”
Page 756,453, what’s he talking about? “Sorry, who are you again?”
“I’m your conscious, you know, your moral compass that keeps you from making stupid decisions. I tried to warn you—”
“I know, I should have listened to you.”
“Good, I’ll take the credit for this brilliant idea and add it to my resume.”
“Resume! Conscious’ don’t have resumes.”
“Of course we do. What happens if you lose your mind and can’t reason or get stepped on by a white rhinoceros and turn into a turnip? We conscious’ have the right to change our minds.”
“Turnip, how can I turn into a turnip, you mean a vegetable.”
“Never mind what I said. Tell everyone what else is different about your revised novel. I need more fodder for my resume.”
Fodder for my resume, ha! I’ll give you something for your resume.
I can still hear you.
“Where was I? Ah yes, there is romance with shocking results, more action, dialogue, fight scenes, pain, humor and stronger characters, to name a few of the changes.
The Darkside of the Medallion


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