Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The Adventures of Edwin D Ferretti, Author

Part thirteen




Sliding my chair back I stood. "You look amazing," blurted out of my mouth.

"Romance can come later. You need to ask me questions and bring me back home."

"Sorry, it's just that you've been on my mind since I first saw you." I realized that forgot to bring my list of questions and would have to wing it. "Tell me about this dimension." I sat down again and turned on my tape recorder.

"I call it the October Country."

"October Country?"

"Reminds me of Chicago during winter; icy and windy. If it weren't for the elves, I would've frozen to death a long time ago. They brought me food, warm clothing and blankets." She blushed, "I changed to these cloths for you." I made a mental note to thank the elves.

"Where is this dimension located?"

"Not a clue. The night sky is totally different than the one over us now. It's cloudless and dreary during the day. At night things fly about in the dark that I can only imagine, want to do me harm."

"Where do you spend your nights?"

"The elves found a cave for me. After checking it they helped me build a wind block and a secure door. I collect wood during the day and burn it inside at night. Water trickles in the back of the cave. The elves have brought cast iron pots and pans that I use to cook in and gather water."

"If I can locate this dimension then I can write about it; changing the weather and creatures that wander its barren landscape. I wonder if there's anything in your father's room that might shed some light."

"The old goat did have a cabinet filled with his things. Problem is that it's magic spelled shut. Cynthia and I couldn't open it."

"I'll check it out...say how did you send your cat through the portal?"

"You mean Bast? She's still with me. She keeps me company. If it weren't for her I'd have gone crazy."

"Huh, still with you...then who is this other feline that Cynthia recognizes and calls Bast?" Oh my, could it be the cat that I wrote into all of my books, Bast? Bast has magical powers, because she is the offspring of the ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess Bastet. It made sense; I created Bast in my normal dimension. My mind raced, I can use her to undo the spell on Cindy's father's bookcase. "I believe that I have a solution to opening your father's bookcase." Cindy smiled.

"Cindy, how is it that you can visit here without the use of a portal?"

"I use the portal. It's still open at my end and closed at yours. Only my spiritual body can make the trip. My physical body is sleeping behind the locked door of my cave. When both ends of the portal are open then I'll be able to come home.

"Did the elves tell you about your mother?"

"You know where my mother is?" I nodded my head.

"She landed on Pelta, a planet that I'll be visiting tomorrow. Jen and Company are going to introduce me to the use of magic. Once I understand its concept I'll be able to use it in my story to aid my protagonists. On the next foggy night I would like both you and Cynthia to visit me in my new home. I'll be able to bring your mother for a visit."

"Wonderful, I can't wait. Maybe you could also print out copies of your completed manuscripts and I can begin reading them."

"After you leave here are you going to visit your sister?"

"Depends on the time; I have to be back inside my body before midnight." I checked my watch.

"We have been chatting for almost two hours; still have three and a half before midnight. Cynthia has copies of my books."

"David I should go. I promise to visit you in your new dimensional house on the next foggy night." She began to fade away. I reached out my hand; too late, all I felt was an icy cold breath wrapping itself around my arm.




Verbal stories, passed from one person to another,
often differ from the original with each telling.

Stories in an author's mind that are turned
 into books remain unchanged for eternity.
















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