The Darkside of the Medallion

The Darkside of the Medallion features:

·       Speculative Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy for the entire family.
·       A Mysterious Gift that leads Jen and her friends to a futuristic alien world.
·       Adventure and romance that Young Teens and up will enjoy.
·       No cursing, sex, or drugs.
·       Readers will experience suspense, humor, sadness, and laughter.
·       Jen must face alien forces and become a powerful magician warrior or die.
·       Ancient Egyptian armies, gods, and goddesses as they continue a battle against an evil threat to the habitable universe.
·       Read by Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adults.
·       All 5-star reviews.

Follow Jen and her friends, in this galactic adventure, to an alien world ruled by awesome magic. Mere thoughts of the story will teleport the reader to an unknown universe and chaotic battles that can only be won with powerful magic and raw courage.

Experience the power of fire-breathing dragons as they hurdle down from the dark clouds of war and collide head on, in this epic battle of all time, with the ancient evil Egyptian god Seth and his Army of Death. Dragons? Ah yes, dragons can be sneaky; whose side are they really on?