Living Enduringly


Living Enduringly is the final action-packed book in The Darkside of the Medallion trilogy.  This enthralling work of fantasy and science fiction opens portals that defy all logic and leads Jen, Sally, Cheryl and Bast to face unimaginable dangers as the two enemies  race against time to find the ultimate solution to ending the war. A war that threatens to undo the delicate balance between reality and its mirror image, destroying the entire universe in the process.

All of the ancient gods and goddesses from the universes habitable planets are now taking sides in this winner takes all war. Some join with Seth in his quest to become the supreme ruler of heaven and hell. Others see Seth as a roadblock to their own quest to usurp the supreme deity. The one thing in common they all share is a deep hatred of Jen and company.

Jen’s deepest fear of losing a sister that she doesn’t have sets off a series of explosive confrontations between good and evil. Like a pool ball, Jen, Cheryl, Sally , Bast and Miss Licky careen around the universe in search of  an ancient power that may only be a myth.

The colossal clash between dark armies, evil gods, goddesses and humanity will take place before your eyes, and you will be drawn into this titanic struggle. Take notes, because if you endure living another day, you might be one of only a handful of survivors, and someone must write this larger-than-life story. 

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