Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Free download beginning on the 21st of this month and ending on the 23rd.

On Jen’s 21st birthday, her grandfather gives Jen a gold medallion that he found on a dig in Egypt many years ago: a relic that bridges 128,000 light-years, and opens a door to continue a 7000-year-old war into Jen’s present time.

From the moment Jen touched the ancient medallion, her life changed. Visions of a battle that took place in another galaxy flood her inner view: spaceships with lasers blasting, and alien troops, advancing against a large city assault her mind. As she blinked her eyes, the mental pictures faded. The battle seemed so real. But, was it from the past or in her future?

The Darkside of the Medallion adventure includes cats with magic powers, intelligent Narkin androids, ancient Egyptians, aliens and one small problem: Seth, the evil god of chaos, who is out to conquer and rule as the supreme being of the universe and will destroy anyone who dares to interfere with his plans.

Join Jen and her friends and discover a world of powerful magic. Mere thoughts of the characters will teleport the readers to another galaxy to confront Seth and his Army of Death and fire-breathing dragons. Dragons? Ah yes, dragons can be sneaky; whose side are they really on?

For those of you who love Magical Fantasy, don't forget the free download beginning on the 21st of this month and ending on the 23rd. Your comments are appreciated.


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