Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Greatest News Ever

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The Greatest News Ever


The Darkside of the Medallion will be available for FREE Download from Amazon, available to readers worldwide: 08/21/2015 — 08/23/2015. Comments are welcome as are your reviews.

“Some of the greatest minds in the world consider writing a book to be the zenith of their life!”

“Wow! I can’t believe that dazzling statement came from your mind. Let me grab my pencil and I’ll jot it down for use in my resume; just in case you forget it.”

“Conscious, is that you again? I thought that you were changing minds, you know, leaving me.”

“I was, but that brilliant thought made me see you in a different light; there’s hope for you and I want to be there when your row-boat arrives. Think how good it will look on my resume. Don’t let me stop you, continue with your sparkling dissertations.”

“Ouch! What just happened, I have a pointed pain in my head.”

“Opps, sorry about that. I dropped my new sharp pencil; you know us conscious’ don’t have a shirt pocket to carry it around in so I found a flat place inside your head to lay it on.”

“Flat place, I’ll give you a flat place just—”

“Oh no, I feel the pencil slipping—”

“Don’t and I’ll forgive you. Now where was I? Oh yes I remember. I’ll leave you with this. ”


‘To publish a single word is absurd.

To write a book that people enjoy, pure genius.’















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